Love is more than saying I Love You !!

Every couple can learn a lot from this beautiful pair. In these days lots of couple are getting divorced for silly reasons. It is very easy to say I love you, I love you for ever, I will be with you forever, I will die for you, I will care for you etc etc.. Love is more than saying “I Love you”.
Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments.
The couple Ahmad 26 and his wife Fatima 25-year-old are disabilities.
They got married few years back. Ahmad disability of both hands and both feet of Fatima is.
The couple with disabilities, but strong in the field of artworks activities.
Fatima is washing dishes in the kitchen
Ahmad comb his hair by the foot
Fatima is helping Ahmad to tie his hair
Ahmad ironing clothes
Ahmed and Fatima watching television and eating Breakfast
Ahmad is washing his feet
Ahmad is brushing
Fatima spraying the perfume on Ahmad’s clothes before going out of the house
Fatima and Ahmed in the way of music workshop of rehabilitation nursing sector workshops
Ahmed and his friend practice a piece of music
Ahmad and Fatima help each other in home work
Ahmed and Fatima at lunch
Ahmed and Fatima in chat and review their wedding pictures
The young and passionate Ahmad Sometimes, speak with the God in solitude
Fatima is listening to Ahmad’s lovely poem
Always enjoy life, no matter how hard it seems!
When life give you a thousand reasons to cry. Show the world that…
You have million reasons to SMILE!!!

Where there is trust there will be love.
Never try to tested the true love its very hard to forget.
You can not see the love and touch it.
Love can only be felled
Every supreme sacrifice of this world behind it there will be love.
And we human exist in this world is because of love.



someone very special hurts you so deeply...

that it
causes tears in your eyes.

And after that the same person asks you :

What Happened?
You're left with just one word to say : NOTHING. :( :(

Lovely poem

This Poem is Written;
By A boy Who Lost His Love:
She Gave me lots of Love♥,
I thought that’s Enough..!
She Took Me as God Gifted♥,
I took her for Granted, Coz of My Ego..! :(
I Asked Her to Leave;
She Asked Me Why ?? :(
I said:
Don't Love you Any more..!
I dint know Her Value;
When She was Around..
'n when I Realized Her Value;
She was Under the Ground..! :'(
-So Respect the Feelings;
Of the Person Who Loves You…♥

Dedicated to all lovers

Dedicated to all lovers......... :)♥

Whenever I walk alone....I feelhe
is walking with me and askingme
to hold his hand....

Whenever I sit to study.....I feel
that he is gazing me and giving a
naughty smile encouraging me to
study more....

Whenever I drive.....I feel he is
sitting behind me and giving me a
tight hug....

Whenever my mobile blinks......I
feel he is holding his mobile and
messaging me.....

Whenever I gaze at moon....I feel
he's doing the same missing me
very badly.....

Whenever I get up suddenly at
3am or 5am.....I strongly feel that
even he has got up at very same

This is an amazing feeling which
comes only when you fall in LOVE.... ♥

I am not a Good £over ♥

I am not a Good £over ♥

I mees up ,
I always make mistake ,
I Start a fight
I easily get Jealous
There are 3 Thing i like about myself .

why can't stop missing You??

why can't stop missing You??
Cause I need You . . :(
why can't I stop caring 4 U ??!!
Cause You mean so much to me . . .
Why do I need you in my life??
Cause you r the only one who mades my life complete . . .
Why am i saying this to you??!!
Cause I Love You
so much that i can never let you go..

Like if u love someone.... ♥

The time has changed a lot.

The time has changed a lot..
The situation has changed a lot..

Can`t forget the days when
we used to laugh on things..
we used to share the most silent things and the most secret one..
Neither you are same now nor me

there will be one thing which will always remain same
"the care for you" and

just want to say
i really miss you a lot... ♥

Safety Tips for Women to Remember:-

Safety Tips for Women to Remember:-

1. Always be aware of your surroundings

This applies whether you are traveling alone or in groups.
Don't just focus inwardly on your thoughts if you are alone, or your friends if you are together. Keep one eye out for your environment, looking out for suspicious characters, possible danger, etc.

Also, don't assume that because your area has been "safe" thus far, that it will continue to be so.

2. Travel in groups

"There is safety in numbers" is not just a cliche. Its true. Make a point of traveling together with other sisters, whether its on public transportation, on campus, in cars, etc.

3. Change the route you normally travel by

If you have taken the same bus, train or highway to get to work or school, change your route. Even if it takes you a little longer, your safety is more important. By changing your route, you can avert possible attacks or harassment from those who know your schedule, method and route of travel well. Please note though that you should avoid short cuts that take you through unfamiliar or unsafe areas.

4. Look confident

Walk with a straight posture and your arms swinging by your sides. Avoid slouching or walking like a victim. This makes you an easy target for attackers.

5. When riding by public transportation choose the right seat

If you are riding by bus or train, do not sit on the window seat as you may be "blocked in" by a potential assailant. Always select the seat next to the aisle so that you can quickly leave if necessary.

If you are taking public transportation alone after peak hours, sit as close to the driver as possible and/or choose the section of the bus/train that is most crowded. Try to get a seat near the exit as well.

6. If you are driving alone

Don't think that if you are in a car, you are safe. Windows should be up and doors locked even when driving to avoid unwanted passengers at intersections. When you are walking to your car, always have your keys ready, so that you can quickly get into your car.

But don't just get in right away. Always check your car before entering, especially the back, for any intruders.

7. Never leave your car door unlocked

Even if it means for one minute to drop something off in the mailbox that's a few feet away. Attackers have been known to lie in wait for such an opportunity.

8. Be careful in parking lots

Always be alert in parking lots, especially when it's dark. Ask someone to escort you to your car. Between cars and inside cars, it's easy for someone to hide and wait until an unalert person comes along.

9. If you are traveling by taxi

Always check the identification of the driver (usually located near the visor) and ensure that it matches the driver. Once inside, don't sit behind the driver as it may be easy for the driver to lock the rear passenger door. Always choose the adjacent seat .

In addition, avoid flagging taxis. Always order taxis so the driver can be traced if something happens.

10. Don't use the walkman

If you're used to listening to your walkman while outside, drop this habit, especially in isolated areas. With your walkman on, you cannot hear the approach of a possible attacker.

11. Note "safe houses" along your route

Mentally note houses at intervals on each route you take that can be used as "safe houses" if you are attacked, such as shops or houses that you know to be occupied by a friend or acquaintance.

12. When you make a call from a phone booth

After dialing the number you wish to call always turn around so that you have your back to the phone and may see who or what is coming your way. You will then be able to tell the person to whom you are speaking that you may be in trouble and you may be able to use the weight of the phone as a weapon. The door of a telephone box could be used to wedge in the limbs of the attacker.

13. Do not open the door of your home without checking

DO NOT open the door to your home without first checking from a window, peephole or by asking and verifying who it is. Instruct children to do the same.

14. Report any suspicious activity around your home

If you see people loitering on the streets near your house, call the police on an emergency number and report it immediately without thinking too much.

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